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About Us

Passion is important for anyone who wants to do something well, it comes from the heart and mind as one and adds authenticity and originality. But how often does passion integrate with need?

Through our heritage, we have all come from food orientated backgrounds. Born from immigrant parents in the UK that went straight into the kitchens to produce Chinese cuisine. It meant that we grew up in a world where food meant life, happiness and well-being as well as progressive innovation and adaptation.

Le soy wasn’t formed based on wanting to leave our present-day jobs for something more exciting. It was formed to give the population a much-needed food alternative to typical foods out there that rely on livestock to produce. Soy is a food from the natural world, our world. It's food that’s always going to be there so long as we treat the earth right.

This, in our mind is the need. We’re giving food and earth meaning and purpose, we’re promoting life, we’re advocating happiness, clean living and we’re celebrating well-being. With fresh, natural, 100% nutritional plant-based dessert and drink that favours the earth and is in symbiosis with one of the best traits that humankind has to offer, passion.

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